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Our company consists of local full-time firefighters who work as First Responder Assemblers on their days off from the fire station. We provide our handyman services by driving to the customer’s house and or business to assemble mostly any type of equipment on-site. We can assemble anything bought from a store that has instructions and comes in a box. Our teams are professional, qualified, and efficient. Most people would rather not spend their free time trying to compile through small parts and comprehend complicated directions. First Responders Assemblers are here to help.

We assemble anything. You name it.

Our team will assemble your furniture, exercise equipment, trampoline, outdoor play set, basketball goal, treadmill, outdoor shed, gazebo, and much more. Moving to a new house? We can help with that process as well! We will dis-assemble and once you move it to your new house, we will then come re-assemble it there. No job is too big or too small, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


First Responders will work to ensure that our assembler will be at your home at the time agreed upon.


We’ll match your job with an experienced assembly pro who will ensure you’re satisfied.


Whether you’ve purchased a trampoline for the kids or just purchased a personal treadmill, First Responders will handle it.

Items We Assemble

Basketball Goals, Exercise Equipment, Playsets, Gazebos, Furniture, Sheds, Trampolines, Ping Pong Tables, Pergolas, Treadmills, Sports Equipment, Toys, Children Forts

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We serve the cities of ATLANTA and NASHVILLE. If you live within 100 miles of downtown from any one of these cities, we will come to you.


Call us today at 1-800-626-1268 or you can email us today for a free estimate or to set up an appointment by filling out the form labeled as “contact us”.


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